juggling hats

Renegade was the first company world wide to sell the now famous "Poll Hat". The hat was designed by Neils Poll, specifically made for hat manipulation. We have added four of our own designed, the Triple Felt Top Hat, Pork Pie, Triby hat, and Cone Head Hat. They are all handmade in Denmark, to the highest quality standards.

In oder for a hat to work well for hat juggling or hat manipulation, it needs to be properly weighted. The Poll hat, Pork Pie, Top Hat, and Tribly are all made of three layers of felt, sewn together to make a premium quality hat. The Poll Hat is the best all around for juggling, it has a round shape (not oblong) and a stiff brim. This is followed by the Triple Felt Top Hat which is also has a round shape. The Pork Pie and Tribly hats are more for costuming, with limited use for hat tricks, they are oblong shaped and lighter so they do not work as good as the Poll Hat or Top Hat for juggling.

The Flying Hat, is a light weight specially made hat for juggling like a frisbee. With this style hat you can combine hat tricks and juggling. The Flying Hat is great for partner hat juggling routines.

View: RdL Bowler Poll Hat

RdL Bowler Poll Hat

Catalog Number: Hats:Poll

Triple felt thickness, give the weight needed for hat juggling and manipulation.

Our Price $95.00

View: Double Felt RdL Top Hat

Double Felt RdL Top Hat

Catalog Number: Hats:ABTOP

This Top Hat will not wear out or lose it's stiffness, even with heavy use.

Our Price $95.00

View: Pork Pie Hat

Pork Pie Hat

Catalog Number: Hats:POR

The Pork Pie hat looks great and can be used for basic hat manipulations.

Our Price $90.00

View: Gora Fire Top Hat

Gora Fire Top Hat

Catalog Number: Hats:GFH

This Top Hat will not wear out or lose it's stiffness, even with heavy use.

Our Price $110.00

View: Flying Hats

Flying Hats

Catalog Number: Hats:MEX

These hand woven hats (made in Mexico) are specially constructed for flying.

Our Price $16.00

View: Top Hat

Top Hat

Catalog Number: Hats:TOP

The Mad Hatter, the first type of hat used for manipulation, made in USA.

Our Price $75.00

Hat Juggling DVD with Andy Head

Hat Juggling DVD with Andy Head

Catalog Number: DVD:HATD

Learn how to juggling hats, teaches all the basic hat manipulation moves.

Our Price $20.00