Play-Renegade Hybrid Clubs

Play-Renegade Hybrid’s are clubs made from different combination of parts made by Renegade and Play. By combining different components from each manufacture we can make a new clubs that has unique characteristics. Currently we offer three hybrid club combinations.

Play-Renegade Hybrid-1

Play-Renegade Hybrid-1

Catalog Number: Clubs:HYB1

Play body, end cap and wrapped handle. Renegade wood dowel and knob.

play Renegade Hybrid 2

Play-Renegade Hybrid-2

Catalog Number: Clubs:HYB2

Play flex-grip handle and knob. Renegade, top cap, body and 16mm wood dowel.

Play-Renegade Hybrid-3 85mm

Play-Renegade Hybrid-3 85mm

Catalog Number: Clubs:HYB385

Play plastic dowel, knob and silver handle. Renegade 85mm body, cap and deco.

Play-Reneagde Hybrid-3

Play-Renegade Hybrid-3 95mm

Catalog Number: Clubs:HYB395

Play plastic dowel, knob and wrapped handle. Renegade 95 Body, cap and deco.

Renegade club replacement parts

Renegade club replacement bodies and dowles

Catalog Number: Repair:BODY

Bodies for Renegade Juggling Club repairs.

Repair part-Rubber Ends

Renegade club replacement parts

Catalog Number: Repair:CAP

Club parts for Renegade Juggling Clubs, Play Px3, and Play-Renegade Hybrid clubs.