View: Life in a Clown House

Life in a Clown House

Catalog Number: Books:LCH

Life in a Clown House: A Manual and a Memoir is an invaluable resource for both professionals and aspiring clowns

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Diabolo Books

My First Diabolo Book, Stick Grinds and Suicides, Crazy Cradles and Baffling Body Moves, Two Hot To Handle, Totally Diabolical

Catalog Number: Books:DIA0

Learn to master the diabolo with this innovative series of books by a master diaboloist, Donald Grant.

The Diabolo from A to Z

The Diabolo from A to Z by Mister Babache

Catalog Number: Books:DIAAZ

Diabolo A to Z is aall in one book covering the basics to the more advanced moves. Fun illustrations, a nice book of young readers.

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virtuosos of jugglingbook

Virtuosos of Juggling

Catalog Number: Books:VIR

Virtuosos of Juggling by Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Alessandro Serena (Renegade Juggling) is the comprehensive historical account of performance jugglers.

Stunning Starts and Fancy Finishes for Club Jugglers

Stunning Starts and Fancy Finishes for Club Jugglers

Catalog Number: Books:SSFFCJ

A nice book for beginner who can already juggle three clubs.

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Fire Eating by Benjamin Garth

Fire Eating by Benjamin Garth

Catalog Number: Books:FIREA

The book covers safety, fuels and equipment. It also illustrates numerous stunts.

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View: Club Juggling, A Step by Step Pamphlet

Club Juggling, A Step by Step Pamphlet

Catalog Number: Books:CJSBS

An instructional pamphlet on how to juggle clubs, for beginners.

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Compendium of Club Juggling Book

Compendium of Club Juggling

Catalog Number: Books:COM

Charlie's book guides you step-by-step through over 700 hundred club juggling tricks.

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View: Devil Stick Juggling, A Step by Step Pamphlet

Devil Stick Juggling, A Step by Step Pamphlet

Catalog Number: Books:DSSBS

A instructional pamphlet on how to use a devil stick, for beginners.

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Chris Dore Devil Mastering the Devil Stick (part one)

Mastering Devilstick Part 1

Catalog Number: Books:MD1

The basics of getting started and fundamentals, like spins, body moves and properllers.

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Meteor Instruction Book

Meteor Instruction Book

Catalog Number: Books:MET

Very interesting book which covers 22 basic meteor moves.

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Poi Spinning Books

Poi Spinning by Michal Kahn and Welcome to the World of Poi by Klaus Scheuermann

Catalog Number: Books:PSPIN

These two books cover the full range of, tricks and moves with detailed illustrations.

The Devil Stick Book

Todd Strong Devil Stick Book

Catalog Number: DEV:DEVHS

Strong's book is divided into seven chapters. The book, shows the breadth of possible tricks. Strong explains both simple moves and very advanced one, with up to three center sticks.

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The Dice Stacking Book

Dice and Book Set

Catalog Number: Books:DICE

All you ever wanted to know about dice stacking by Todd Strong. This obscure juggling form is well described and illustrated. Kit includes book, cup, and four dice.

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Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling Book

Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling

Catalog Number: Books:ENS

A comprehensive book, instruction on all types of ball juggling.

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Will Rogers Rope Trick Book and Rope Kit

Will Rogers Rope Trick Kit

Catalog Number: Books:WILKIT

Learn to perform more than 100 rope tricks of Will Rogers.

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How to Ride your Unicycle Book

How to Ride Your Unicycle by Charlie Dancey

Catalog Number: Books:UNIBK

Charlie Dancey unicycle book is a step-by-step guide shows you how to ride a unicycle for beginners.

Our Price $10.00