Instructional props scarves, rings, balls, clubs, plates, diabolos

Renegades instructional prop offerings are for teacher/instructor who need to make bulk purchases for school or circus camps. The props in this section are sold by the dozen to give the best pricing possible. All of the product are good quality, durable and selected with teaching in mind.

View: Play Plastic Spinning Plate

Play Plastic Spinning Plate

Catalog Number: PSP

This is a educational spinning plate, designed to make plate spinning easy.

View: Teaching Flowerstick

Teaching Flowerstick

Catalog Number: PFST

Tulip Silicon Flowersticks are great for kids, very durable and easy to use.

View: RdL Teaching Vinyl Beanbag

RdL Teaching Vinyl Beanbag

Catalog Number: PVB

Great for teaching, with bulk pricing, new durable design.

View: Play Flat Ring 32cm

Play Flat Ring 32cm

Catalog Number: PR32

This 12.75 inch flat ring is a common sized used for numbers juggling.

Instructional Beanbags for Teachers

Instructional Beanbag Set of Three

Catalog Number: Bbags:INS

Perfect for school teachers. Inexpensive, durable and machine washable.

Our Price $8.00

Nylon Scarves by Renegade Juggling

Juggling Scarf 23 Inch Square

Catalog Number: Georgette:SCD

The first step in teaching juggling to primary school children.

Renegade Flag Poi

Renegade Flag Poi

Catalog Number: ManPoi:RPOI

Renegade Flag poi is made for beginners and teachers.

View: Play Comet Diabolo

Play Comet Diabolo

Catalog Number: PDIA

Medium sized diabolo for teachers and circus schools.

View: Play Prima One Piece Club

Play Prima One Piece Club

Catalog Number: PPC

The one piece Prima Club is priced for teaching club juggling.