Wham-o founders Melin and Knerr, heard of Australian children using a bamboo ring for exercise and immediately turned out...you guessed it...HULA HOOP® toy hoop. They promoted it for months in 1958 on Southern California playgrounds where they would do demonstrations and give away hoops to get the children to learn and play. The hoop is back new and improved, we have a great selection of hooping products.

One of the newest developments in hooping is the Play Perfect hoop, made from HDPE, which is a big advance over the older Poly-pro material. It offers much better elastic memory so your hoops stay round even after they have been coiled up for travel.

Dance Hoops

Dance Hoop

Catalog Number: Hoops:BHOOP

Modern hoops are easier to use, with a multitude of beginner to intermediate level tricks made easy.

Our Price $40.00

View: Play Perfect Hoop Naked 16mm and 20mm

Play Perfect Hoop Naked 16mm and 20mm

Catalog Number: PHOOP

Play Hoops, made from HDPE, can be coiled for transport, they come in four colors

Our Price $29.00

Pixel Hoop

Pixel Hoop

Catalog Number: GLOW:LTHOP

Pixel Hoops, programable, digital photos, synchronized to your music sound track

Our Price $495.00

Blazing Star Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks

Blazing Star Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks

Catalog Number: Fdance:RFH

The Blazing Star Fire Hoop is solidly constructed, with a choice of 5 or 6 wicks.

View: Gora Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks

Gora Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks

Catalog Number: Fdance:GFH

Gora light weight breakdown fire hoop easy to assemble and transport.

View: Hoop Moves, Isolations

Hoop Moves, Isolations

Catalog Number: HM

DVD on hoop Isolations and hoop spinning, large and small hoop sizes.

Our Price $25.00

Hoopgirl Hoopdance for Beginners DVD

Hoopgirl Hoopdance for Beginners

Catalog Number: DVD:HDFD

Learn from internationally acclaimed hula hoop expert, Christabel Zamor. 35 mesmerizing hoop moves.

Our Price $25.00

Vintage Rolling Hoops

Vintage Rolling Hoops

Catalog Number: PRO

Rolling hoops are made of nylon.

Blazing Star Fire Hand Hoop

Blazing Star Fire Hand Hoop

Catalog Number: Fdance:RFH:RFH2

Fire Hand Hoops are used for isolations and hand hooping.

View: Fire Hoop Wick Heads

Fire Hoop Wick Heads

Catalog Number: Fdance:Hoopwickheads

Hoop wicks, add them to your dance hoop and turn it into a fire hoop.