Fire Fans

Fire fans are made with powder coated steel and high quality kevlar wicking. Perfect for belly dancing (Eastern dance), a fire fan is a great fire tool for anyone seeking big flames in a hand-held prop. Perfect for a first fire dancing prop as the only risk move is finger spinning where the dancer might drop the fan. Otherwise, a huge variety of dance moves, striking poses and silouettes may be had with this highly visual, nighttime performance fire product. Spin like crazy with the robust Wicked Fan, go big on flames with 5 fire wicks using the Poison Fan, fly your fire wings with the continuous wick Venom Fan, or go simple and lightweight with the Kaos Fan (Chaos Fan), which can also be used for finger spins. All fire fan sets and replacement wicks are sold in pairs.

View: Wicked Fire Fan Set Round Grip

Wicked Fire Fan Set Round Grip

Catalog Number: FireInv:WFANR

Round grip fans, small and heavy duty.

Our Price $145.00

View: Kaos Fire Fan Set

Kaos Fire Fan Set

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFAN

lightweight, or heavyweight Khaos Fans with a 4 wick flame.

View: Poison Fire Fan Set

Poison Fire Fan Set

Catalog Number: FireInv:PFAN

Impress with big fire and a spider web 5 wick design.

Our Price $154.00

View: Lotus and Tulip Fans

Lotus and Tulip Fans

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFANB

A new lower cost lightweight fan.

View: Gora Folding Fire Fans

Gora Folding Fire Fans

Catalog Number: GFF

The Folding Fire Fan can collapse and open while dancing with a great effect.

View: Kaos, Poison and Venom Fan Replacement Wick

Kaos, Poison and Venom Fan Replacement Wick

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFWIC

Kaos Fire Fan Replacement wick heads

View: Gora Fire Arm Braces

Gora Fire Arm Braces

Catalog Number: GFB

Fire arm brace made from leather with adjustable elastic laces.

View: Gora Fire Crown

Gora Fire Crown

Catalog Number: GFC

The Folding Fire Fan cab collapsed and open while dancing with a great effect.

Our Price $89.00

View: Gora Folding Fire Umbrella

Gora Folding Fire Umbrella

Catalog Number: GFU

A wire umbrella with wick on the ends. Do not close when fire is on.

Our Price $89.00

Fire Fan Evolution DVD

Fire Fan Evolution DVD

Catalog Number: DVD:FEDVD

Fan Evolution will introduct you to an entirely new approach to fan movement!

Our Price $25.00

Fire All Stars DVD

Fire All Stars

Catalog Number: DVD:FALS

A journey through the lives of fifteen of the most dedicated fire dancers

Our Price $25.00