fire props

Fire juggling, fire manipulation, and fire dancing are some of the most inovative performance arts and always a crowd pleaser. Renegade Fire Tools provide you with state of the art, well made fire equipment.

We thoroughly research and overbuild our fire tools; for example in our fire poi we use, nickle plated swives with stainless steel chain and split rings. You can expect quality when you buy our fire gear.

fire fans

Fire Fans

Four different styles of fire fans: Wicked, Poison, Kaos or Venom.

Wolf Fire Staff Opening

fire staffs

Renegade offers many types of fire staffs made of wood or aluminum.

Gora Fire Props

Gora Fire Equipment

Gora Fire props made in Hungry.

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View: Wicked Fire Fan Set Round Grip

Wicked Fire Fan Set Round Grip

Catalog Number: FireInv:WFANR

Round grip fans, small and heavy duty.

Our Price $145.00

Heavy Duty Kaos

Kaos Fire Fan Set

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFAN

lightweight, or heavyweight Khaos Fans with a 4 wick flame.

Our Price $149.00

Poison Fire Fan

Poison Fire Fan Set

Catalog Number: FireInv:PFAN

Impress with big fire and a spider web 5 wick design.

Our Price $154.00

View: Lotus and Tulip Fans

Lotus and Tulip Fans

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFANB

A new lower cost lightweight fan.

View: Gora Folding Fire Fans

Gora Folding Fire Fans

Catalog Number: GFF

The Folding Fire Fan can collapse and open while dancing with a great effect.

Koas Fire Fan Wick

Kaos, Poison and Venom Fan Replacement Wick

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFWIC

Kaos Fire Fan Replacement wick heads

Our Price $40.00

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