fire props

Fire juggling, fire manipulation, and fire dancing are some of the most inovative performance arts and always a crowd pleaser. Renegade Fire Tools provide you with state of the art, well made fire equipment.

We thoroughly research and overbuild our fire tools; for example in our fire poi we use, nickle plated swives with stainless steel chain and split rings. You can expect quality when you buy our fire gear.

fire fans

Fire Fans

Four different styles of fire fans: Wicked, Poison, Kaos or Venom.

Wolf Fire Staff Opening

fire staffs

Renegade offers many types of fire staffs made of wood or aluminum.

Gora Fire Props

Gora Fire Equipment

Gora Fire props made in Hungry.

View: Wicked Fire Fan Set

Wicked Fire Fan Set

Catalog Number: FireInv:WFAN

Best fire fan for spinning, bottom weighted, small and heavy duty.


View: Wicked Fire Fan Set Round Grip

Wicked Fire Fan Set Round Grip

Catalog Number: FireInv:WFANR

Round grip fans, small and heavy duty.


Heavy Duty Kaos

Kaos Fire Fan Set

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFAN

lightweight, or heavyweight Khaos Fans with a 4 wick flame.


View: Kaos Fire Fan Set Round Grip

Kaos Fire Fan Set Round Grip

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFANR

New Khaos Fans with round isolation grip


Poison Fire Fan

Poison Fire Fan

Catalog Number: FireInv:PFAN

Impress with big fire and a spider web 5 wick design.


Fire Devil Stick

Fire Devil Stick

Catalog Number: DEV:DEVFire

Fire devil stick is a good prop for street performing, or for baton twirling.


View: Gora Fire Flowerstick

Gora Fire Flowerstick

Catalog Number: GFS

Fire Flower stick is a good prop for street performing.


View:  Lotus and Tulip Fans

Lotus and Tulip Fans

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFANB

A new lower cost lightweight fan.

Koas Fire Fan Wick

Kaos, Poison and Venom Fan Replacement Wick

Catalog Number: FireInv:KFWIC

Kaos Fire Fan Replacement wick heads


View:  Fire Wands

Fire Wands

Catalog Number: FireInv:Wand

Fire wands for fire dancing or fire eating.

View: Folding Fire Fans

Folding Fire Fans

Catalog Number: FireInv:FOLDINGFAN

The Folding Fire Fan cab collapsed and open while dancing with a great effect.

Aluminum Fire Staff 4-6 feet

Aluminum Fire Staff 3-6 feet

Catalog Number: Fdance:STFA4

These staffs come in seven sizes and work great as a contact staff.

View: Gora Dragon Staff Cuffs

Gora Dragon Staff Cuffs

Catalog Number: GDS

Convert your staff into a Dragon Staff.

Wood Fire Staff

Wood Fire Staff

Catalog Number: Fdance:STF4

The wood core fire staff comes in two diameter dowels and two lengths (4 feet and 5 feet).

Contact Fire Ball

Contact Fire Ball

Catalog Number: FireInv:FCON

The ball is covered with Pre-Ox wick. Some performers use this fire contact juggling ball without gloves.


Concentrate Breakdown Fire Staff Centers

Concentrate Breakdown Staff Center (ON SALE)

Catalog Number: CON:BDCON

Replacement centers for concentrate breakdown staff.

Concentrate Breakdown Fire Staff

Concentrate Breakdown Fire Staff

Catalog Number: CON:BDS4

The staff breaks down into three sections for convenient transport and easily assemble with a couple twists.


View: Gora Contact Fire Staff

Gora Contact Fire Staff

Catalog Number: GCS

The staff breaks down into three sections for transport and easily assemble.

Concentrate Breakdown Fire Staff Carrying Bag

Concentrate Breakdown Staff Bag (ON SALE)

Catalog Number: Con:BDBAG

This carrying bag is made for the breakdown staff. It's constructed out of durable black nylon.

View: Gora Fire Prop Bags

Gora Fire Prop Bags

Catalog Number: GB

Fire prop bags 2, 3, and 5 foot long, constructed out of durable nylon.

Fire Poi - Chain

Fire Chain Poi

Catalog Number: Fdance:CHA

Renegade Fire Chain Poi is simply the best, most fire safe poi available.


Fyrefli Fire Diabolo

Fyrefli Fire Diabolo

Catalog Number: FireInv:FYR1

This diabolo is well balanced and burn for 3-4 minutes.($65)


Fire Cable Poi

Fire Cable Poi

Catalog Number: Fdance:CAB

Fire poi made from stainless steel cable are super lightweight.



Fire Snakes

Catalog Number: Fdance:SNA1

Kevlar Rope Snakes produce a huge flame and disc of fire.


Blazing Star Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks

Blazing Star Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks

Catalog Number: Fdance:RFH

The Blazing Star Fire Hoop is solidly constructed, with a choice of 5 or 6 wicks.

Fyrefli Fire Ball

Fire Ball

Catalog Number: FireInv:FBLsm

This ball is made to juggle without gloves, it produces a small flame on the inside of the kevlar coated cage.

Fire Ring

Fire Rings

Catalog Number: ManRing:FRIN19

Fire Rings fly great for solo juggling, and ring passing. You can also use it as a fire Frisbee.


View: Gora Fire Sword

Gora Fire Sword

Catalog Number: GFSO

The fire sword can make huge flames.


View: Gora Stage Lamp

Gora Stage Lamp

Catalog Number: GSL

A stage lamp for lighting up your fire props on stage.


Hand Lamp

Hand lamp

Catalog Number: Fdance:HLAM

A excellent prop for belly dancing, fire dancing, contortionist or acrobatics acts.

Fire Diabolo String

Fire Diabolo String

Catalog Number: FireInv:STRIF

Replacement fire string for the comet fire diabolo.


Juggling Torch

Renegade Juggling Torch

Catalog Number: Ftorches:TOR

Our torches are designed to feel just like clubs, lightweight and well balanced.


Swinging Torch - Renegade

Renegade Swinging Torch

Catalog Number: Ftorches:SWI

Fire swinging is a technique where torch is swung by the knob in your hand.

Swinging Torch Wick Ends and Wood Knobs

Swinging Torch Wick Ends and Wood Knobs

Catalog Number: Ftorches:SPART

Refurbish your swinging torches with new wick ends and wood knobs.

Dance Torch

Fire Dance Torch

Catalog Number: Fdance:DAN

A good low cost torch for marching, parades, precessions, ceremonies or fire dancing.


View: Fire Jump-Rope (RdL) Renegadesignlab

Fire Jump-Rope (RdL) Renegadesignlab

Catalog Number: Fdance:FJUMP

Renegade jump ropes are the best quality on the market.

Hand Candle Set

Hand Candle Set

Catalog Number: Fdance:HCAN

A small torches that you hold in the palm of your hand. Nice easy to use effect for fire dancing.


Blazing Star Fire Hand Hoop

Blazing Star Fire Hand Hoop

Catalog Number: Fdance:RFH:RFH2

Fire Hand Hoop are used for isolations and hand hooping.

Fire Baton

Fire Baton

Catalog Number: Fdance:FBAT

The Aluminum fire batons are made from 1/2 inch diameter T-6 tempered aluminum.


View: Hand Sticks Fiberglass/Silicone

Hand Sticks Fiberglass/Silicone

Catalog Number: DEV:DEVHSP

Fire sticks, flower sticks or fire sticks, 1/4 inch fiberglass/molded silicone cover.


Fire LeviStick

Fire LeviStick

Catalog Number: FireInv:LEVI

The Levi-Stick is a floating magic wand on fire, with an amazing effects.


Fuel Bottle for Small Props

Fuel Bottle for Small Props

Catalog Number: FireInv:FUE

Fuel bottle, with attached cap, this is a small size that can be used for fueling fire balls, fire diabolos and other small fire props.


Blaze Balls 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 inch and Cathedral Wicks Heads

Blaze Balls 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 inch and Cathedral Wicks Heads

Catalog Number: Fdance:BB250

Wick heads for making fire cables, fire chains, fire darts or meteors.

Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

Catalog Number: FireInv:GLASS

Safety first, glasses for fire performers and whip artists.


View: Fire Hoop Wick Heads

Fire Hoop Wick Heads

Catalog Number: Fdance:Hoopwickheads

Hoop wicks, add them to your dance hoop and turn it into a fire hoop.

Fire Retardant Cloth

Fire Retardant Cloth

Catalog Number: FireInv:DUVA

A fire retardant cotton fabric, for smothering out fire props.


Partner Poi DVD

Partner Poi

Catalog Number: DVD:PP

Learn how to spin poi with partners, in clear lessons.


Poi Spinning, Focus on Transitions DVD

Poi Spinning, Focus on Transitions

Catalog Number: DVD:PSFOT

Present strong technique in the art of dancing with poi. Focusing on transitions.


Poi Technique DVD

Poi Technique

Catalog Number: DVD:PT

Learn how to spin poi solo, in clear lessons.


Learn poi swinging

Poi Groove Basics

Catalog Number: DVD:PGB

Fire Groove leads you through the fundamentals of this exciting new art form, Poi Spinning


Poi Spinning Basics with Pele's Element DVD

Poi Spinning Basics with Pele's Element

Catalog Number: DVD:PEL

A guide for the beginning fire dancer or poi spinner.


Scales of Poi DVD

Scales of Poi

Catalog Number: DVD:SCA

This DVD categorizes and explores poi manipulations and the transitions in between them.


Fire Fan Evolution DVD

Fire Fan Evolution DVD

Catalog Number: DVD:FEDVD

Fan Evolution will introduct you to an entirely new approach to fan movement!


Staff Groove Basics DVD

Staff Groove Basics DVD

Catalog Number: DVD:SGB

In this DVD you'll learn a modern form of staff that combines yoga, martial arts and dance.


Contact Staff DVD

Contact Staff DVD

Catalog Number: DVD:CSD

Contact staff is an exciting and innovative manipulating of a staff using the entire body.


Fire All Stars DVD

Fire All Stars

Catalog Number: DVD:FALS

A journey through the lives of fifteen of the most dedicated fire dancers


Fire Eating by Benjamin Garth

Fire Eating by Benjamin Garth

Catalog Number: Books:FIREA

The book covers safety, fuels and equipment. It also illustrates numerous stunts.


Meteor Instruction Book

Meteor Instruction Book

Catalog Number: Books:MET

Very interesting book which covers 22 basic meteor moves.


Poi Spinning Books

Poi Spinning by Michal Kahn and Welcome to the World of Poi by Klaus Scheuermann

Catalog Number: Books:PSPIN

These two books cover the full range of, tricks and moves with detailed illustrations.