DVD Instructional

Renegade Juggling has selected over the years a wide selection of instructional videos. We have tried to pick the best DVD content for each juggling or manipulation art forms.

View: Diabolo DVDs

Diabolo DVDs

Renegade has a few diabolo DVD's to choose from. Over the last few years more and more DVD's have come on the market, we have selected some of the best of them.

View: Poi DVDs

Poi DVDs

Poi Spinning and fire dancing has just exploded with content, there are so many new DVD coming out all the the time, check out our selection.

staff dvds

staff DVDs

There are a couple of nice DVD's out on staff manipulation. The latest trend seems to be with contact staff, a cross between marshal arts style staff with a contact juggling influence, new and interesting.

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View: Hoop Moves, Isolations

Hoop Moves, Isolations

Catalog Number: HM

DVD on hoop Isolations and hoop spinning, large and small hoop sizes.

Our Price $25.00

Hoopgirl Hoopdance for Beginners DVD

Hoopgirl Hoopdance for Beginners

Catalog Number: DVD:HDFD

Learn from internationally acclaimed hula hoop expert, Christabel Zamor. 35 mesmerizing hoop moves.

Our Price $25.00

Cigar Box Juggling DVD

Cigar Box Juggling DVD with Brian Patz

Catalog Number: DVD:CIGD

An excellent, well organized, step-by-step instructional guide to cigar boxes by Brian Patz..

Our Price $20.00

Flower Stick Spectrum DVD

Flower Stick Spectrum

Catalog Number: DVD:FSS

A good DVD for beginner to intermediate stick players.

Our Price $25.00

Hat Juggling DVD with Andy Head

Hat Juggling DVD with Andy Head

Catalog Number: DVD:HATD

Learn how to juggling hats, teaches all the basic hat manipulation moves.

Our Price $20.00

Diabology, The Art of Diabolo DVD

Diabology, The Art of Diabolo

Catalog Number: DVD:MFP

Cutting edge advance diabolo video.

Our Price $25.00

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