Our selection of diabolos is show left to right Babashe Performer, Renegade Diabolo, Babahce Harlequin, Sundia Shinning, Henrys Circus, Babahce Finesse, Henrys Vision, Whistling Diabolo, Fire Diabolo.

Diabolo has really developed over the last 10 years, there is a wide variety of diabolos on the market. Renegade has selected a range of the best quality diabolos, that can meet everyones skill level.

We have a new selection of Taibolo diabolos which offer a beginner model, Taibolo Light Weight, intermediate Glary, and advanced Super v2. The also make a excellent LED diabolo, and a ratchet bearing model as well. The all are very good quality.

The main consideration when picking your first diabolo, is the weight. For children a light weight diabolo like the Henrys Vision Diabolo, Finesse Diabolo or Light Weight Taibolo is a good choice. An adult who us learning how to use a diabolo, the heavier diabolos like the Harlequin are easy to get spinning. The mottled coloring enables you to see how fast the diabolo is rotating.

Advanced diabolo players will enjoy the new Sundia Shinning diabolo or the Taibolo v2 they both have a very accurate wobble free spin. Also the shell is not sticky for doing diabolo stick adjustments for two and three diabolo work. It also offers 3 different axle choices.

All diabolo are sold searetely but can be purchased with hand sticks. We offer diabolo handstick made out of wood, metal, fiberglass or carbon fiber. The wood and metal sticks handstick are best for people learning how to use a diabolo, the fiberglass and graphite stick are for advanced diabolo players.

View: Sundia Nimble Diabolo single bearing ratchet axle

Sundia Nimble Diabolo single bearing ratchet axle

Catalog Number: InvDiab:SNR

A beginner single bearing ratchet daibolo

Our Price $35.00

View: Sundia Marble Diabolo

Sundia Marble Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:SHIM

Five axle types, including a new triple bearing anodized center.

Our Price $35.00

View: Sundia Shining Diabolo (triple bearing option)

Sundia Shining Diabolo (triple bearing option)

Catalog Number: InvDiab:SHI

Three axle types: wide, narrow or triple bearing ratchet. ($35)

Our Price $35.00

View: Sundia Storm Diabolo

Sundia Storm Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:SS

New small diameter diabolo for doing three or more diabolos at a time

Our Price $35.00

View: Sundia Trifecta Diabolo

Sundia Trifecta Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:STR

The all new trifecta with 5 bearing ratchet axle, and LED window.

Our Price $49.00

View: Sundia Evolution G2 Plus Diabolo

Sundia Evolution G2 Plus Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:SEP

A high quality diabolo with a teflon cup ring and a hard anodized composite axle

View: Sundia Evolution G3

Sundia Evolution G3

Catalog Number: InvDiab:SEV3

New Evo G3, with fixed axel or five bearing ratchet.

View: Sundia Half Diabolo Top

Sundia Half Diabolo Top

Catalog Number: TaiDia:SHD

This half diabolo has a triple bearing axle and bearing tip.

Our Price $45.00

View: Sundia Triple Bearing Micro High Flyer Diabolo

Sundia Triple Bearing Micro High Flyer Diabolo

Catalog Number: TaiDia:SHHF

This micro diabolos is special made for the high toss trick, launch it!!

View: Radfactor Sorin Diabolo

Radfactor Sorin Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:RFD

A high quality diabolo with a hard anodized composite axle

Our Price $40.00

View: Mister Babache Finesse Diabolo

Mister Babache Finesse Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:FIN

A full sized lightweight diabolo, good to learn diabolo with.($39)

Our Price $39.00

View: Mister Babache Harlequin Diabolo

Mister Babache Harlequin Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:HAR

A heavy duty diabolo, easy to see it spin with speckled colors.($35)

Our Price $35.00

View: Mister Babache Performer Diabolo

Mister Babache Performer Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:PER

Jumbo sized diabolo that can be seen from the back row of a theater.($35)

Our Price $35.00

View: Henrys Circus Diabolo

Henrys Circus Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:CIR

One of the first high quality diabolos made in Germany.($36)

Our Price $36.00

View: Henrys Vision Diabolo

Henrys Vision Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:VIS

Extra light weight a good diabolo for children to learn diabolo with.($20)

Our Price $20.00

View: Super v2 Taibolo

Super v2 Taibolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:Super

The Super v2 Daibolo by Taibolo, weight distributed at the cup ends.($39)

Our Price $39.00

View: Glary Taibolo

Glary Taibolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:Glary

Made by Taibolo, a high quality translucent diabolo.($32)

Our Price $32.00

View: Light Weight Taibolo Diabolo

Light Weight Taibolo Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:LightTaibolo

Great for beginners, light weight and full sized. ($25)

Our Price $25.00

View: Note Ratchet Bearing Diabolo

Note Ratchet Bearing Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:NOTE

The Note Ratchet Bearing Diabolo by Taibolo, high quality. ($39.00)

Our Price $39.00

Fyrefli Fire Diabolo

Fyrefli Fire Diabolo

Catalog Number: FireInv:FYR1

This diabolo is well balanced and burn for 3-4 minutes.($65)

Our Price $65.00

View: K8 Sundia IR-RGB LED Diabolo

K8 Sundia IR-RGB LED Diabolo

Catalog Number: InvDiab:k8led

The K8 LED Diabolo made for Sundai and Tiabolo, rechargeable with remote control.

Renegade Diabolo

Renegade Diabolo

Catalog Number: ManDiab:REN

A precision diabolo, molded out of rigid plastic. ($35)

Our Price $35.00

View: Play Comet Diabolo

Play Comet Diabolo

Catalog Number: PDIA

Medium sized diabolo for teachers and circus schools.

View: LED for Sundia

LED for Sundia

Catalog Number: GLOW:EV4B

LED's light up the diabolo for night time performance.

View: Sundia Whistling Diabolo

Sundia Whistling Diabolo

Catalog Number: TaiDia:SW

This diabolo produces a loud humming sound when spinning.

Our Price $25.00

View: Taiwanese Wide Axle Diabolo (ON SALE)

Taiwanese Wide Axle Diabolo (ON SALE)

Catalog Number: TaiDia:TAIWR

This diabolo has a traditional wide center for Taiwanese tricks.($29)

View: Diabolo Hand-Sticks

Diabolo Hand-Sticks

Catalog Number: Hndstx:HAND

Hand-sticks made by Renegade, Sundia, Tiabolo ,Play Juggling and Henrys

Sundia Diabolo String

Sundia Diabolo String

Catalog Number: Sundiastring

New Deos diabolo string, top quality, made in Italy.

View: Deos Diabolo String

Deos Diabolo String

Catalog Number: Pdoess

New Deos diabolo string, top quality, made in Italy.

Diabolo String Rolls

Diabolo String Rolls

Catalog Number: Hndstx:STRI

White or colored diabolo string all with a braided exterior.

Kevlar Fire String 1/16 inch

Kevlar Fire String 1/16 inch

Catalog Number: WICK:WIC18S

1/16 inch diameter, braided, kevlar string for fire diabolo.

Our Price $0.50

Henrys Diabolo Axel Kit

Diabolo Axle Kits for Henrys and Sundia

Catalog Number: InvDiab:CIRTK

Sundia's three axle types: wide fixed, narrow fixed, and triple bearing.

Diabology, The Art of Diabolo DVD

Diabology, The Art of Diabolo

Catalog Number: DVD:MFP

Cutting edge advance diabolo video.

Our Price $25.00

View: Planet Diabolo (3 DVD set)

Planet Diabolo (3 DVD set)

Catalog Number: DVD:PLANET

The most comprehensive diabolo video ever made.

Our Price $40.00

Will Roya Diabolo Instructional DVD

Will Roya Diabolo Instructional DVD

Catalog Number: DVD:WROY

Step by step instructions on how to learn diabolo, for beginners.

Our Price $20.00