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"A pole is just ... a pole" is a phrase you might hear from Those Who have never tried The Pole dance poles.


Our dance poles have an almost magical grip, are light and easy to transport to exhibitions and competitions, and have many different and unique aesthetic options.

'For Those Who do not just practice a sport, but strive for perfection, Overcoming any limitations.' Our dance poles are designed and tested by top professionals, with an Entirely Italian-made production process That uses certified and eco-friendly materials.


We dedicated our work to Both business and private customers, doing our best to Provide them with high-quality products and services. Our customers' opinions, requests and expectations are extremely important to us.Thanks to you, we Constantly improve, striving for better results every time.

View: Hive Pole Race PRO

Hive Pole Race PRO

Catalog Number: Pole

Portable Freestanding Dance Pole, light weight and easy to assemble

Our Price $1,100.00

View: Swinging and Flying Pole

Swinging and Flying Pole

Catalog Number: PoleF

The swinging pole can easily be rigged to make it a flying pole

View: Pole Cartridge

Pole Cartridge

Catalog Number: PoleC

Made for concrete floor, drill and cement in, for studio multi-purpose rooms

Our Price $295.00

View: Play Aerial Hoop

Play Aerial Hoop

Catalog Number: PAH

Aerial Hoop made in four sizes.

Our Price $249.00

View: Play Aerial Rope Corde Lisse

Play Aerial Rope Corde Lisse

Catalog Number: Plisse

aerial rope, spanish web, core lisse or tubular rope is made from 100% cotton with a diamond sleeve.

View: Play Aerial Silk

Play Aerial Silk

Catalog Number: PAT

Aerial silk 60 inches wide, in 5 colors.

View: Play Aerial Silk Hook

Play Aerial Silk Hook

Catalog Number: PASH

The utlmate silk hook, easy to tie and safe to use.

Our Price $69.00