MMX Plus 67mm Filled Stage Ball

MMX Plus 67mm Filled Stage Ball

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This type of stage ball has a solid but flexible feel. It is a cross between beanbag and a stage ball. The advantage of this construction is you can have a small size ball, 2 1/2 inches, the proper weight for juggling. A normal hollow stage ball cannot be made under 3 inches diameter because it would be too light for juggling. The texture and color of these balls is outstanding. Numbers jugglers will really like this size for seven, eight, and nine ball juggling. The balls have a great release for juggling as they do not stick to each other. They have a dead bounce when dropped. This ball is softer than the Beard DX filled stage ball.


diameter 2.6 inch (67mm) aprox. 2 5/8"
weight 5 ounce (135 gr) matte finish vinyl (PVC)
made in Italy by Play