LED for Sundia and Tiabolo

sundia rechargeable
led lights for taboo

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Sundia Rechargeable w/ USB cables


Sundia Rechargeable w/ USB cables

Sundia Rechargeable lights only




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Renegade offers light kits for the Tiabolo and the Sundia Shining diabolo. These LED lights are great for light show performances or a nice substitute prop when fire performance is not allowed.

The Sundia LED light attachment is rechargeable, and has three settings for each diabolo half: white and blue, blue only, white only.

A USB cable is available separately if needed and most camera/android phone USB cables will fit this plug.


The Tiabolo light uses three button batteries, it has a full on mode and blink mode.


Finesse, 3 LED Lights per side
color: red/blue/green ( blinks different colors)
weight 1.45 0z. (41 grams)
made in Switzerland ( by Mr Babache)
Sundia 2 LED Lights per side
color: 7 color fade (slowly changes colors)
weights 1.2 oz. (33 grams)
made in Taiwan ( by Sundia)