Large PU Printed Beanbag (72mm)

Large PU Printed Beanbag (72mm)
Large PU Printed Beanbag (Ultrafabric)

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These new Polyurethane (PU) bags are our best quality beanbag. They are made from Japanese Ultafabic. The polyurethane coating is much more durable than a PVC ball and has a superior feel. The ball is a RdL and Radfactor collaboration. The ball is constructed with a inner lycra bag, and then the outer PU shell. This makes for a stiffer feel and longer lasting ball. The ball is sewn with very high quality thread.

 They are easy to catch, have a dead bounce, and won’t fly out of a juggling pattern if they collide.  This is our large size for bigger jugglers, or jugglers who want the balls to look bigger for stage performance. Jugglers may use this size for 3-7 ball juggling. This size would be hard to hold 4 in one hand unless you are over 6 feet tall. The weight of this ball is 170 grams which is good for larger jugglers, but smaller juggler might find it to be heavy, and might prefer the medium sized ball.





Polyurethane Coated Cloth
diameter 2.84" (72mm)
weight 140 grams
filled with plastic pellets with a inner lycra bag
cut, sewn and stuffed in Pakistan
fabric made in Japan Ultrafabric