Kevlar Replacement Wick
18" x 2" x 1/8"

Kevlar Flat Wick 1, 2, 3, 4, X 1/8 inch
Kevlar Flat Wick 1, 2, 3, 4, X 1/8 inch

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Juggling torches use one 18 inch long flat wick that is 2" X 1/8"

Swinging torches, each torch head uses two peices of 18 inches long 2" X 1/8"

Renegade started using Kevlar Wick in the early 1980's as a replacement for asbestos based wicks, used to produce juggling torches. The wick is not actually 100% Kevlar, we just called it that because Kevlar was a new (high-tech) plastic brand name at the time. The wick is actually a blend of fiberglass and aramid fiber ( Kevlar, Nomex or Twaron are some common brand names of aramid fiber) The quality of the wick is related to the ratio of fiberglass/aramid fiber used to make the thread, and the weave of the thread in the finished products. The more fiber-glass in the thread, the cheaper the manufacturing cost (and lower the quality). The higher the amount of fiber-glass in the wick the heavier (not good for juggling applications) and less absorbent (not good for burn times) it is. Renegade wick uses a time proven aramid/fiber-glass blend and weave which is optimal for fire props.Renegade Flat wick comes in three thickness, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick. In most applications the 1/8 inch thickness is preferred, as you need to use half as much much wick than the 1/16 inch thickness to hold the same amount of fuel. Though in some applications people prefer the thinner material, which is why we sell this thickness.



Width 1� X 1/8 (2.5 cm X 3.2mm) Lbs./100 ft. 2.33
Width 2� X 1/8 (5.1 cm X 3.2mm) Lbs./100 ft. 4.49
Width 3� X 1/8 (7.6 cm X 3.2mm) Lbs./100 ft. 6.66
Width 4� X 1/8 (10.2 cm X 3.2mm) Lbs./100 ft. 9.05

Temperature rating 650 degrees F
Feet per pound plus or minus 10%