Henrys Club Parts

Henrys Club Parts
Henrys Club Parts

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Body Color and type

Center Ring (for tube handle)

Screws and Washers for caps and knobs

Tube Handles Colors and Type

Knob Color ( with screw and washer)

Cap Color and Type

Wood Dowel ( for Dolphin and Loop club)

Wrapped handle wood dowel Colors



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Henrys Club Parts.


You can buy all the parts to the Henrys clubs we sell, though you need to be carful what model club you are buying them for. Review this list so you get the correct parts.


Knobs and Caps. All henrys club models use the same knobs and caps. So you can select any of they for all the types of clubs we sell.


Bodies, Henrys has two length  of bodies (the body is the plastic bulb) Dolphin uses the Long Body, the Loop club and the Pirouette club use the Short Body. The Grip Body ( the one with ridges) is short and fits only Loop and Pirouette clubs.


Center Ring, both the Dolphin and Loop club use a center ring in the middle of the club, ( rather than tape in the middle like a Pirouette.


Wood Dowels, both the Loop and Dolphin use the same wood dowel. The Pirouette uses a different dowel and is only sold with the handle attached to the dowel. 


Tube handles, the Loop club comes in colors, the Delphin only comes in white. ( the Delphin is a short  tube handle and the Loop is a long tube handle so you cannot put a loop handle on a Delphin club.


Handle/Center/dowel, this is only for Pirouette clubs, it is assembled as show in the photo, you cannot buy only the handle you must buy the whole thing all ready wrapped on the dowel.


Extra Screws and washers, you can buy knob and cap screws and washers all the clubs use the same ones.


We do not sell any Henrys tape used for the center or ends of the clubs, the rolls are way to big to sell, you can use electrical tape in place of the cloth tape.


weight 208-215 grams, length 52cm, 20.5 inches