Gora Jugging Staff

Gora Jugging Staff
Gora Juggling-Throwing Staff, wick close up

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Fire Staff for juggling and throwing.

Gora collaborates with AllStaff performers to improve this staff's quality, so they now have super quality throwing staffs to perform with.

The weight is 295 grams! With a length of 90cm

The core tube of the staff is made of 12mm OD X 1mm 7075 aluminum alloy. This alloy makes it possible to have high durability while keeping a very light weight. This special alloy has the same tensile strength as steel, but it is light like aluminum. It is used in the high end bicycle and aerospace industries.

The ends below the wicks are covered with heatproof silicone to protect your body against metal burns.

The middle part is covered with soft sticky grip.

This excellent staff for every juggler who likes to perform staff throwing. It is much different than juggling torches it is much bigger and highly visable.


- Do not use white gas, gasoline or alcohol based liquids
- Do not hold the staff vertically. Spin it or keep it horizontal! 
- Handle the grip carefully to avoid damage.


length 90 cm
weight 295 grams tubing aluminum 7075 12mm OD, wall thickness 1mm
kevlar wick (2mm) X (70mm)
grip black vinyl tube
tubing ends plugs with wood dowel
made in Hungry by Gora