Gora Hand Candle Set

Gora Hand Candle Set

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Hand candles are small torches that you hold in the palm of your hand. From belly dancing to capoeira, dancers are incorporating this fire prop into their shows. They illuminate the dancer and costume in an amazing way. Each hand candle is built to fit inside the palm of your hands comfortably, with a middle finger loop. The pure kevlar wick is attached to a flexible spring core to prevent heat transfer to your palm. A leather shield protects your hands from the heat of the fire.


Hand Candle
spring shaft
wick 100% kevlar 1.5 inch wide X 1.5 inch
leather fire guard diameter 3.75 inch
height 4.5 inches
burn time 3-4 minutes
leather finger finger loop
hand made by Gora, Hungery

Safety Information

Hand candles
Do not use a hand candle while wearing polyester scarves
or other highly flammable clothing. Make sure that
the flames never come in contact with your clothing
or costume. Always have spotter/assistant
carefully watching your performance and they must
have fire extinguisher (CO2) and fire blanket (large wet
bath towel 100% cotton), on hand in case of a fire. Costume fires can start out of the performers sight
and can cause serious injury or death.

Kerosene or lamp oil (paraffin) is recommended, for your
hand candles. White gas (Coleman camping fuel)
burns very hot, is highly flammable and is not
recommended for hand candles. You can also use
denatured alcohol, which has a very cool flame, without vmuch smoke or order, but produces a weak flame. You
can try 50/50 mixture of denatured alcohol lamp oil,
this works quite well.

To apply fuel to wick either dunk wicks in a container or
pour/squirt on the fuel.� Make sure the wicks are
thoroughly shaken out to remove excess fuel before
lighting up. Take care that no fuel is on the flat
metal flame guard before you light your hand candles.
After burning, let wicks thoroughly cool off before
refueling them. To increase the lifespan of the
wick, always blow out the candles before all the fuel
burns out of the wick.