Fire Hoop Wick Heads

Hose Clamp Hoop Wick Heads

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The wick ends are made from Renegade Kevlar wicking, with all stainless steel parts. The wicks can fit on any dance hoop tubing between 7/8 and 1/2 inch outside diameter. The spine is flexible yet pretty stiff so it will not flop anound when hooping. 

These hoop wicks are good for about a 3-5 minute burn time depending on how they are fueled. They are very light weight only 40 grams. These are a really good way to recycle one of your older dance hoops, into a fire hoop. Fire hoops get really dirty from smoke and soot so it is better to have a dedicated hoop for fire.


wick spines 1/8 stainless steel
wick spines are 5 inches (15cm) long, top of clamp to end of wick
weight 40.5 grams)
hoops come without gaffers tape