Floro Fill Yourself Russian Ball

Fill Yourself Russian Ball
PLUG & PLAY self fill russian ball
Self filling 75mm Russian ball
PLUG & PLAY self fill russian ball

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Fill Yourself Russian Balla are blow molded with a silicone plug. The balls are sold empty, you can add your own filling to the weight you like. They can be filled with bird seed, salt, sand, grain, what ever you prefer. This ball is an inexspensive option for jugglers who want to try russian balls.

In general the filling in the ball can change how the juggling ball feels. The main factor other than total weight, is how fast the filling goes to the bottom of the ball. The faster the filling flows to the bottom of the ball the more dead the bounce is for catching. How slippery the filling is effects how much the ball wobbles when thrown, courser/angular fillings tend to wobble more.




Fill Yourself Russian Ball
diameter 2.95� (75mm)
weight 30 grams empty with silicone plug
gloss finish
made in Italy by Play