Diabolo Hand-Sticks

Renegade, Sundia, Henrys, Tiabolo and Play handsticks

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Diabolo stick prices and colors

Henrys Metal black


Renegade wood


Play Metal white


Play Metal pink


Play Metal orange


Play Metal yellow


Play Metal green


Play Metal blue


Tiabolo Carbon black


Sundia Phosphor Carbon Gold


Sundia Carbon black


Deos Carbon white/black


Deos Carbon white/red


Deos Carbon white/blue


Deos Carbon white/white


Deos Carbon white/yellow


Henrys Fiberglass black


Henrys Carbon Back


Henrys Carbon White


Sundia Plastic white/yellow


Sundia Plastic white/green




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Our full line of diabolo hand sticks. In general wood or metal sticks are by far the most durable and are recommend for beginner and children.


All the types of carbon sticks are for advanced players, and can be broken with use. Each type of carbon stick has a very slight difference. For advanced player these slight difference make certain tricks harder of easier. It is also a matter of person preference.  All the carbon sticks are very high quality, and have the same basic construction. The string goes through the stick to the bottom, and they have a good quality grip and rounded tip.



Top row from the left


The Renegade Wood hand stick is the most basic and least expensive hand stick, it is a good all around hand stick  for beginners. 85 grams 15 inches long


The Play Metal handsticks are made in Italy. They feature a silicone grip and matching colored string. The string goes through the top of the stick and then out the side the same as the Henrys. Both of these handsticks are very similar but some people prefer the silicone grips for stick throwing tricks. 96 grams 12.5 inches long


The Henrys Metal makes very nice handsticks for all diabolo players. Made of polished aluminum and a foam rubber handle. These are a great choice for children 7-15 years who need a short length, light weight and un-breakable handstick. 90 grams 12.75 inches long


The Sundia Plastic handstick is a new version, with the advantage of having the sting go though the bottom of the stick, which lets the string rotate. This stringing method is used in all carbon handsticks. 76 grams 12.25 inches long


Bottom row from the left


The Sundia phosphorus carbon, is a stronger type of carbon fiber. This is the strongest of the carbon sticks. 59 grams 11.75 inches long

The Deos Carbon by Play Juggling features metal tips made from hardened aluminum that doesn't blacken the strings. The carbon core is covered with a HDPE sleeve for great stick grind surface, and also enables us to make colored carbon sticks possible. The sticks have a pure silicone handle for good comfort and easy cleaning. 75 grams 12.5 inches long

The Sundia Carbon is a longer version of the Sunida phosphorus carbon stick, it has the same handle and tip, just a bit longer and a little heavier.  67 grams 12.75 inches long


The Taibolo Carbon This carbon fiber stick is super light weight stick, with just a little flex in the shaft.  58 grams 13.5 inches long

The Henry Fiberglass The fiberglass sticks are less breakable than the carbon sticks. This stick has a plastic coating over the carbon. 61 grams 13.75nches long

The Henrys Carbon This stick has a plastic coating over the carbon. 60 grams 13.75 inches long