Contact Poi (pair)

contact poi with silicon knob

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Pair of contact poi comes in two sizes 80mm and 100mm, with the ball weight of 150gm. Contact poi represents the latest innovation in poi swinging, being perfect for isolations, throws and body rolling. The weighted silicon knob (diameter 40 mm) used in this poi version has a great grip and is a perfect counterweight on throws. The string has a 6mm diameter and is 50 cm long. To adjust the length of the string just pull it out off the knob, tie a simple knot and cut the excess.


Kiwido flag poi poi bag length 8.0 inch ( 20.5 cm)
diameter 3.5 inch (9 cm)
total weight 1.7 ounce (47 grams)
ripstop nylon flag (1) length 56� (142 cm) and (2) 34� (86 cm)
each poi has three flags
synthetic suede shell filled with cotton stuffing
removable snap flag
made in Spain