Large Clear Acrylic Balls 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 120mm

Large Clear Acrylic Balls 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 120mm
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90mm (3.54")


95mm ( 3.74")


100mm (3.94")


120 mm ( 4.72 inch)




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Clear acrylic contact juggling balls - We now offer a great selection acrylic ball sizes. They are precision made and come in sizes that can accommodate anyone's hands or contact manipulation style. These clear balls are made of pure acrylic plastic. Machined and polished free of internal distortions or scratches. Renegade acrylic balls are tough, chip resistant and virtually shatterproof. 

Clear acrylic balls can magnify sunlight, so you have to be sure not to leave them out in direct sunlight, or even sunlight coming though a window. If you are using a clear acrylic ball outdoors in the sun it may cause stinging of your hands. A colored ball acrylic ball will not do this as much, depending on how dark the ball color is.

UV 100 mm balls glow blue in the presence of UV light (blacklight). |


100% Acrylic Plastic ( made from 100% recycled material)
No bubbles or inclusions
Made in China
90mm (3.54" 468 grams)
95mm (3.74" 540 grams)
100mm (3.94" 664 grames)
All clear acrylic balls are perfectly round without surface scratches or blemishes, the plastic used in these balls has very high optical clarity.