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Henrys and Play Metal Diabolo Handsticks
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Metal Diabolo Handsticks

Catalog Number: Hndstx:HANMET


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The Henrys model is very nice handsticks for all diabolo players. Made of polished aluminum and a foam rubber handle. The are a very good choice for children 7-15 years who need a short length, light weight and un-brakeable handstick.

The Play handsticks are made in Italy. They feature a silicone grip and matching colored string. The string goes through the top of the stick and then out the side the same as the Henrys. Botjh of these handsticks are very similar but some people prefer the silicone grips for stick throwing tricks.

weight, both sticks and sting 3.2 ounce (92 grams) length 12.75 (32.5mm)
foam grip length 6 (15mm)
shaft diameter 0.28 (7mm)
made in Germany

weight, both sticks and sting 3.3 ounce (95.5grams) length 12.50 (31.5mm)
silicone grip length 5.75 (14.5mm)
shaft diameter 0.28 (7mm)
made in Italy

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