Acrylic Balls Utra-Violet (blue tint) 100mm, 90mm,76mm, 70mm, 65mm

Acrylic Balls Utra-Violet (blue tint) 100mm, 90mm,76mm, 70mm, 65mm
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The  UV ball is precision made and comes in a size that can really show off your contact juggling style. This ball is made of pure acrylic plastic. It is machined and polished free of internal distortions or scratches. Renegade acrylic balls are tough, chip resistant and virtually shatterproof. The very large 100mm size really looks nice for isolation moves, under black-lights

The UV balls can magnify sunlight, so you have to be sure not to leave them out in direct sunlight, or even sunlight coming though a window. If you are using this acrylic ball outdoors in the sun it may sting your hands.



100mm (3.94" 664 grames)
100% Acrylic Plastic ( made from 100% recycled material)
No bubbles or inclusions
Made in China
glows under black light, has slight bluish tint