8 Panel Suede Ball

8 panel suede leather juggling beanbag balls
8 Panel Suede Beanbag Ball
8 Panel Suede Ball
8 Panel Suede Ball Colors
Numbers 8 panel beanbag ball
8 Panel ball size comparison
8 panel suede leather juggling beanbag balls
8 Panel Suede Ball
Numbers 8 panel beanbag ball

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Eight Panel Leather Balls


These leather juggling bags are great for teaching juggling, with their suede leather finish. The leather beanbag is very durable and will soften with use. They are filled with plastic pellets and will not roll when dropped.These leather balls will outlast most bean bag balls and with a plastic pellet filling they are much less likely to be chewed up by rodents, than a millet or bird seed filled ball. The shape of the ball will even out over time and become much more round as well as much softer as the leather stretches

The only difference between this ball and the 4 panel balls is the number of panels, the advantage is mostly in the look of the ball and after they are broken in, end up being more evenly round. 



The small sizes 2.3 inches (58mm) are great for numbers juggling because you can easily fit 4 in a hand, it is the same size as a racquetball, 58cm and has a wight of 62 grams. This ball is also good for children under 4 feet tall, as they can eaisly hold two balls in one hand.


The large size is 2.6 inches ( 67mm) and is a good all around size 3-7 balls. This ball is a really good teaching ball as the size fits almost all jugglers and it light weight 100 grams, so it is good for smaller children.


8 panels suede leather
weight 3.9 oz (110 grams)
diameter 2.75" (70mm)
filled with plastic pellets
handmade in Pakistan